Kunstverein Hannover

Kunstverein Hannover

Kunstverein Hannover in the KĂĽnstlerhaus
Foto: Michael Herling | Aline Gwose

The Kunstverein Hannover, one of the largest and, having been founded in 1832, the oldest art association in Germany, has taken upon itself the task of exhibiting, communicating, and supporting the contemporary art of the new millennium. Its annual six to eight solo and group exhibitions are developed specifically for the galleries of the KĂĽnstlerhaus, where the Kunstverein has had its headquarters since 1856.

There the Kunstverein presents to a broad public the works of international artists—in part newly produced with the support of the association’s own funds—and shows current international developments in thematic nexuses and monographic comparisons.

An innovative outreach program aimed at the casual visitor as well as the expert accompanies all exhibitions and has as its goal the development of an understanding of contemporary artistic issues and topics in the general public. The association offers regularly-held tours and a program in which members of the art association are available to visitors as “talking labels” to answer questions or engage in conversation about individual works in an exhibit. It also provides an introduction to an active confrontation with art through conversation and discussion-orientated offerings through thematically correlated lectures, film programs, and dialogues. Moreover, the art association offers Kunst im Kontext (Art in Context), a wide-ranging program specifically for sensitizing students and school classes to art.

In addition, for the past 25 years the Kunstverein Hannover has also been engaged in the promotion of contemporary art in Lower Saxony through the association’s prize. The prize, awarded every two years, is comprised of a two-year and two one-year studio scholarships in the association’s studio house, Villa Minimo. The scholarship studies conclude with an exhibition in the art association and a publication.

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