Max Frisinger Born in 1980 in Bremen, Germany | Lives and works in Hamburg


Max Frisinger

Max Frisinger
Foto: Elfie Semotan

Max Frisinger is a passionate collector. He has refined the tracking down of bulky trash and plunder on his nightly excursions and field trips through the city down to a work technique in which ideas for sculptural use are already being generated during the finding and sorting process.

Whatever he chooses is instantly transformed from junk to useable material. Everyday objects are fused together into abstract compositions in his assemblages and installations without, however, denying their former functional character. As relics of urban life, they remain evidence of the nature of society.

Like strange cocoons, Frisinger’s monstrous installations float below the ceiling as if defying gravity. Or they reach from the ceiling to the floor—as space within space. Electric cables, wires, water hoses, ladders, rolls of carpets, and bits of furniture seem as if they had been caught in a monumental spider web. What was used to lash, brace, and secure the supposed chaos can only be determined up close. But from a distance—and that is the way the works were meant to be viewed—a precise interplay of lines and brightly colored surfaces take on the qualities of a painting. In the classic manner, the artist composes a harmonious, complete structure from disparate fragments. Max Frisinger has created a site-specific installation forMade in Germany Zweithat adds a dynamic to and poetically charges the ambiance of the exhibition’s entrance.

Solo exhibition (selection)

2011 Kunstmuseum Bonn, Bonn (22 Nov 11 – 1 Jul 12)
2010 Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin (12 Oct – 13 Nov)
2009 Galerie Katharina Bittel, Hamburg
Trottoir, Hamburg

Group exhibition (selection)

Schnitte im Raum. Skulpturale Collagen/Cuts in Space, Sculptural Collage, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen (19 Jun – 21 Aug)
2010 Ein Fest für Boris, Vittorio Manalese, Berlin (30 Apr – 29 May)
Reemtsmar Haus, Hamburg
Opossum, Galerie Oel – Früh