Susanne M. Winterling Born in 1971 in Rehau, Oberfranken, Germany | Lives and works in Berlin and Oslo

Susanne M. Winterling’s work in her films, photographs, collages and installations critically engages the representation of realities. Prevailing modernistic concepts, gender power structures, and hierarchical historiographies are captured in her works, with an eye for the repressed, and investigated for their validity.

In her work, she repeatedly focuses on individual, significant but rather periphery, figures in shared historical memory like the architect Eileen Gray in the installationThe Jewel and Troubled Water(2008) in the coat check areas of the Nationalgalerie in Berlin. Winterling’s site-specific approach is clear in this work. Her installations often make reference to the rooms and contents of the building in which they are on display. In a complex mesh of references between the differing concepts of Gray, Le Corbusier, and Mies van der Rohe, the artist mirrors and exposes blemishes in the history of modernistic architecture.

Another distinctive feature of Winterling’s work is the probing of the limits of the medium being used. In her 16mm films, she captures the everyday gestures and movements of things in such a way that they can, due to their haptic quality and sensitive presentation, enter into an equitable dialog with the actual things in the room.

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2012 Vertigo, Galerie Parrotta Contemporary Art, Stuttgart
Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg
Nox and Shelter, Tempo Rubato Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 Sandy Brown, Berlin
Fotogalleriet Oslo
2010 Centre d’Édition Contemporaine, Genf
Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe
2009 Gesellschaft fĂĽr Aktuelle Kunst, Bremen
Fondazione Morra Greco, Neapel
The Front Room, Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis
BAWAG Contemporary
Hiromi Yoshii, Tokyo

Group exhibition (selection)

2012 Kunstverein Freiburg
Galerie Pedro Cera, Lissabon


Coming after, The Powerplant Toronto
House of Gaga, Mexiko

2010 Von realer Gegenwart: Marcel Broodthaers heute, Kunsthalle DĂĽsseldorf, DĂĽsseldorf
Milk Drop Coronet: 30 Austellungen zur Virtuosität des Dinglichen, Camera Austria, Graz
...nur Papier, und doch die ganze Welt...:Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart
Taka Ishii Gallery, Kyoto
2009 Little Theatre of Gestures, Museum für Gegenwartskunst, Basel; Konsthall, Malmö
Scorpio’s Garden, Temporäre Kunsthalle, Berlin
Modern Modern, Chelsea Art Museum, New York

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