Julia Schmidt Born in 1976 in Wolfen, Germany | Lives and works in Leipzig


Julia Schmidt

Julia Schmidt
Foto: Arthur Zalewski

Julia Schmidt works in the media of painting, collage, and installation. Central to her work is a questioning of the values and meaning of images and painting. Her works in oil, applied in thin layers on MDF, reveal as much as they conceal.

The artist bases her work on pictures distributed by the media in magazines, books and the internet, out of which she has been steadily building up a selective but complex archive. She crystallizes an occasion to paint through repeated looking, sighting, and testing, with only details or excerpts finding their way onto the canvas. By combining empty spaces and the layer by layer transfiguration of the painted object, the artist brings to the fore what otherwise lies hidden. For example, the dirt between the canvas and frame—that which reduces the value of a work of art—is made the motif of one of her works and thus transfigured into its opposite, glory and fame.

The artist beds her fragmentary pictures, which hover between figuration and abstraction, in installations with floor pieces, objects, and precision-staged suspended objects, thus intensifying and expanding the discursive and conceptual painterly examination of pictures and issues of economy and art history.


Solo exhibitions (selection)

2012 Nomas Foundation, Rom
2010 Meyer Riegger, Berlin
2009 STOKROOM, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig
2008 Lavoro,Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York
2007 Museum der bildenden KĂĽnste Leipzig
2006 Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York

Group exhibitions (selection)

2012 'Die Villa Massimo zu Gast im Martin Gropius-Bau', Berlin
2011 about painting, abc art berlin contemporary, Berlin
Control, Magazine 4, Bregenzer Kunstverein, Bregenz
2009 Trouble with Realism, KOW, Berlin

Bibliography (selection)

2010 Julia Schmidt, „Practices Procedures Flows Reversals“, herausg. v. Spector Books, Leipzig.
2008 Freisteller, Villa Romana – Preisträger 2008, Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin, Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg.
2006 Julia Schmidt, „Tourism and Painting“, Museum der bildenden Künste, Leipzig.
2004 Julia Schmidt, „Noise of Palace“, Revolver, Archiv für aktuelle Kunst, Frankfurt/Main.