Michael Pfrommer Born in 1972 in Leonberg, Germany | Lives and works in Frankfurt/Main

The paintings and drawings of the Frankfurt artistMichael Pfrommertell fantastic and mysterious tales, report of enigmatic encounters, and seem to convey to us an experience of mythical universes.

The vocabulary of his pictures—bleak landscapes, houses, still life, comic figures, and self portraits—is influenced by everyday impressions and observations of his immediate surroundings and those of his friends and family. He works scenes and fragments of films, pieces of music, and song lyrics into picture stories, forever knitting them together in new ways. His pictures are characterizes by a practice of reworking, repeating, and placing the same motifs in new contexts or taking them up again after a considerable time. The narration of his imagery is defined by constant repetition and perseverance. He has thus developed a repertoire that calls forth a world of its own in which objects, locations, and persons persistently pop up, which he constantly renders in the consistently same paper format. The style of painting in his pictures, set in a rather dark-appearing atmosphere, and his somber and often macabre yet also humorous and whimsical imagery suggest the enthusiasm Pfommer has for painters like Francisco de Goya and James Ensor.