Nina Rhode Born in 1971 in DĂŒsseldorf, Germany | Lives and works in Berlin


Nina Rhode

Nina Rhode

Nina Rohde develops multimedial installations that experiment with light and shadow. Her works are kinetic objects that function as experimental designs and optical and musical apparatuses. They convey visual and acoustic stimuli that have a direct effect on the body and seem like experiments that the visitors themselves set in motion or at least to which they are forced to expose themselves.

In the MADE IN GERMANY ZWEI exhibition, Nina Rohde presents a revolving disc set in motion by a motor. Harmonicas have been placed on its surface in a certain order that produces a soft, bright sound. The visual experience of the movement is enhanced by the acoustic effect.  Discs are also the essential element in the workUntitled (Column)(2011). Three discs are mounted one above the other like a column in which the colors yellow, red, and blue blend into each other. The work,Loch(2011), is a found orange-colored mirror, a ready-made, opposite which a second reddish-colored mirror is hung. These wall elements mirror not only the visitor and the exhibition room but at the same time echo the red-orange light reflected in the room. Nina Rohde is not concerned here with illustrating physical laws or their effect but rather with conveying an immediate sensual experience.


Studium an der UniversitĂ€t der KĂŒnste Berlin

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2011 Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee
4D, Fernsehturm, Berlin
2009 Galerie Sandra BĂŒrgel, Berlin
2008 Galerie Sandra BĂŒrgel, Berlin

Group exhibitions (selection)

2011 You Don't Love Me Anymore, WestfĂ€lischer Kunstverein, MĂŒnster
KW69 #7 by Kalin Lindena, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin
2009 On the Spot #5: freier FALL, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe (with ‘freier Magazin’)
Modern Modern, Chelsea Art Museum - Miotte Foundation, New York
2005 Organism, 12 hours life installation with Gonzales & John Dekron, Nuit Blanche, St Jean de la Montmartre, Paris
2004 Freier, Galerie Art:Concept, Paris (with ‘freier Magazin’)
2001 1st Price Music Video with Gonzales, “Take me to Broadway”, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
1997 Rock the city down, Documenta X, Kassel (with Galerie Berlin Tokyo)
Maisalon in Köpenick, Galerie Vostell, Berlin


1995 - 2011 Member of the Honey-Suckle-Company
Solo Exhibitions (selected) 1998 1st Berlin Biennale, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; 2005 KĂŒnstlerhaus Stuttgart; Cubitt Gallery, London; 2006 Kunsthalle Basel; 2007 Kunstverein Hamburg Harburg